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Devine Command Theory

So, Philosophy is over forver. I thought I would be glad as it is so much to learn and take in, but it was so interesting. Never again, will I need to know about Body and Soul, Kant and his insane and crazy moral argument, or even the wonders of the idea of an omniscient God.

And, after Wednesday, no longer will I need to know about Chomsky and his language gene, or Jean Aitchinson, and her strange theories.

Is some knowledge expendable?

I should imagine, over the summer I will forget everything I ever learnt, and my brain will turn into mush. I am rather looking forward to this, lazy days doing nothing but sunbathing, and of course Croatia. I heard that apparently, we are going on a bus, that drives really fast near the edge of a cliff, which scares me slightly!

Tomorrow, I am doing driving and purchasing new jeans for Lizzy's do on Saturday evening.
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