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I don't have a great deal to say, however I was determined to write an entry just to prove that I do have an interesting life!

La stras last week was not all it was cracked up to be. I lie. It was actually quite good, other than the absolutley dismal hotel aptly named "Mister Bed" (The jokers!) And the extremely gargantuan crepe lady publicly admitting she hated me. I got the last laugh though, as after all she is FAT (note, not with a -ph!) The cathedral was cool, as was the gallery we visited one afternoon. Much drinking took place all trip, however I stayed firmly on the wagon. A cheap bottle of char-don-aaaaaaay and some Rose is not going to sway me!

So, to the weekend! This started Friday evening. Ellen and I went to Sainsburies (for a change!) and we bought things for dinner, and the now obligitary cranberry and raspberry juice. We then came back, and cooked some rather nice tuna pasta. Before......we went to the school Irish night. This was FAB! Much dancing, quizzes and raffles ensued (actually, there was only one quiz, and one raffle, but still!) It was a really enjoyable evening, and I hope Lucie raised lots of money for the gap year.

Saturday, was quite cool. Work was fun for a change, despite the fact I had to do rubbish and started at 0700. I think it was just because I was generally in a good mood. I then went to Anna's Irish do, which was okay. I think I would have rather gone to the "do" Jessie and Shelia went to. They had a waltz and all the food you could eat for a mere £3.50!

And then Sunday, mothers day. We visited all the grandmothers of the Barham/Rivers family which was fun and exciting. I also went to church and purchased mother a cup of tea and a scone afterwards.

Today, We had an interesting English lesson and no R.E but (If you EVER read this Vicki!) I actually did some of the presentation avec some custom animation. I think all it needs now is a picture of the one and only Peter Vardey, and its in the bag!!

Byeeeeeeeee! Luvoooo!
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