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My first LJ entry since I started at uni. Gosh, what an amazing time I've had so far, truly thrills and spills all the way! Highlights so far include the stellar fireworks display, and that time (no, not during English!) when I dressed up in a grass skirt! Some of my finest moments.......

No, it hasn't all be such jolly japes! Its so strange being in such a confined space for such an elongated period of time. Which is for me at least negative. Because I think everyone at some point needs to withdraw from this situation if things are getting too much/stressful, and there isn't really the opportunity. (which is probably why I go home so often!)

I'm already looking forward to December. My days will at last be full of actual work, and I'll be able to indulge in all of the things I usually do and not worry about being strapped for cash. And I'll be able to have a more active social life, which is the one thing that bugs me sooooo much about being here, there's only so much I can try......nice to go out in the evening. Or just for a walk/something different, to stop me from climbing the walls! And of course I'll be looking forward to driving my car again!

Luckily Mum and Dad are coming to visit me tomorrow, so I'll get to go speeding round the D's of Canterbury.........if only for a few hours!

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