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Long time no see!

Good evening!

I was looking back at my LiveJournal, and realising how sparse the entries have been. Almost a year since I last wrote anything! I would attempt to fill the void with ramblings of my gap-year, but I fear they would not make for particularly interesting reading! Instead, I shall speak of today, and more importantly, this summer and next year!

So, today saw me attend the now obligatory Manningtree Car show. It was as always, fun and games with a lot of different cars on exhibit. My favourite had to be the Porsche 911 Turbo, with a top speed of 200mph.(I wonder if this was the actual top speed, or the chap driving made it up to get some extra kudos in the grande ring?!) Sadly we were not exhibiting this year, but next hopefully we can make it, Dad in the capri ghia, me in the BMW.

So, forward to the summer, when I shall be once again going to Croatia for more thrills and spills. This year will be different from last as the group we are going with consits largely of Annie's Uni mates. Shall be fun though, getting to go on Holiday and meet new people! Also, this summer, Lizzy and I are going to Cambodia on a religious visit. It should be really informative, and above all make us appreciate everything we do have, rather than those material objects that we do not.

Then, next year I am off to Kent Uni to do Criminal Justice. After this rather boring year, I have decided I actually cannot wait to get away from the 'swich!

Peace-out! x x x x

P.s If you read this Jawge, Run Lola run is on tomorrow night, on Film4!
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