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Thirty Two.

Today, I wished I was at work. Strange but true. I hate the person I become when I have nothing to do. Today, for example consisted of too much daytime T.V whilst eating jaffa cakes and drinking coca cola. I don't particulary enjoy my job, far from it in fact, but it is a nice feeling to be doing something constructive whilst earning the oh so important money.

Money can change people too. When I have lots of it, or just enough I am generally happy and don't tend to worry too much. But when there is a defecit of the stuff, like now, it makes me sad. I get anxious about every penny I spend. It is also sad that these days every penny I do earn seems to be already designated to some worthy cause or another before it even enters my bank account. However, in my defence a large amount this month has gone towards my holiday so I guess its not just pointless spending.

Speaking of holidays, we go away in precisly six days! I can't wait. It will be a nice change of scenery and hopefully a good oppurtunity to relax before the old results! Everything is happening so quickly, it is quite scary. But, best not to dwell on things before they have even happened.

In other news, I really like the new Hard-Fi single "Suburban Knights" (It is the profile song on my myspace) It has made me happy, that they have a new album out. This means they will have to do promo for it, which hopefully means GIGS! I would really love to see Hard-Fi live, and I'm sure if they do do a gig it won't be hard for me to find an army of fellow fans to attend also!


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