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Anyone for a coconut ring?!

Saturday evening saw Lizzy, Vicki, Ttam and I all venture down to Felixstowe Ferry for a spot of late night crabbing! It was much fun. We had plenty of provisions, in the shape of a variety pack of biscuits, pistachio nuts (or were they cashews?!) and a million cartons of orange juice! Not to mention the sausage, and onion bag we had to make the line out of. With the odds stacked against us, we still managed to catch three crabs. (Vicki 2, Heidi 1, Lizzy 0!) One of them only had one pinsar, but still managed to win the race back into the sea. After this epic evening of crabbing we walked around the boatyard and finally view'd the TUG! It was a beauty, and if I'm honest a lot bigger than first anticiapated. Fishing should be fun.

We were going to go to the Vic for a drink, but sadly as we finished past closing time we couldn't. Next time I say we go to the pub first! Drunk Late night crabbing-What a hoot!

It would be fair to say a grand old time was had by all!

There were photo's to accompany this entry, but on closer inspection they aren't that good as it was so dark :(

Byeeeeeee Luvooooooo!

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