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Lizzy's "Special" Day!


As my trip to the zoo was unexpectedly cancelled, Lizzy and I decided to do something raucous instead. We had two criteria, this raucous event couldn't be in Ipswich and had to include a train (yay!) So, we decided to go to Norwich to see the tourist attractions. Due to an unmentionable incident with my bionic knee, we left a bit later than anticipated, and only had time for one attraction. This was Norwich Castle. I was glad that on our arrival there was a lift for those who couldn't quite manage the stairs. We looked around all of the castle, including the "keep" and the iceni and roman exhibition. I dressed up as a viking in the Viking exhibition. We also visited the natural history part of the castle where we spotted much insect damage on the exhibits. After lunch (in the Castle!) we visited the Norfolk Regiment museum, which was cool. It had a bergan that was as heavy as one the current soldiers would have to carry. We both had a go at lifting it, and it nearly pulled me over backwards it was so heavy.

After the cultured morning, we ventured into Norwich city centre, where much shopping took place. Lizzy bought boots and I bought new trainers. I also saw a dress in Monsoon I thought would be great pour my party, alas, it looked great on the hanger but awful on me. Entwistle bought a stripey top from there though, which is rather nice.

I really enjoyed it, the only bad part of the day was that I have a damn cold/sore throat/cough. It was equally as bad this morning, so I couldn't go to work and am consquently sitting here waching doctors. I hope it sorts itself out soon, or else I might just die.

Byeeeeeeee Luvoooooo!

x x x x
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