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You stole my idiolect :(


I have decided to write about mine and George's trip to the infamous Aldeburgh yesterday (I sit here in my brand spanking new Jack Wills top) So, I caught the bus, and it seemed like I was on there for about a week. I was glad to get off, but found out that excessive sitting brings out my limp!

Eventually I got there and our first port of call was of course Jack Wills. I had a brief look then decided I wanted some Lunch. George and I went off in a northerly direction in search of the nearest tea room. We found one, named "The Cragg sisters tea room" It seemed pretty empty, so we thought we would try our luck. It was the most hillarious hour of my life to date. The woman decided to serve grapes with absolutley everything including my lemon cake. George's cheese salad was in fact cheese and salad, and my smoked salmon sandwich had what looked like the contents of a fruit bowl tipped on top of it. Despite the rather shoddy presentation, it was actually rather nice (Like the dundee cake!) The daft old bat forgot to charge us for the lemon cake though, so we left her a 50p tip and legged it, laughing smugly. After this we got some ice-cream and walked towards the direction of THE shell. We clambered over it, and took some photo's which was much fun. We walked back into the town, I purchased my rouge top from Jack Wills, shortly afterwards we adjourned to the Co-Op! It was worthy of an exclamation mark, as we saw Co-Op boy! He was a fitty *cough* At this time I realised I had to attend Holy Thursday Mass so we decided to go home. The 1550 bus was late so we had to catch the 1650 bus, and I got there, just. Mass was cool, as was my reading. Rev was impressed-he told me this at communion! I also saw Fenella Matthew, which made my day complete.

A grand old time was had by all.

This evening, Lizzy and I are off to Boxford to visit Ellen and co for a bonfire. I am going to wash my hair for the occasion. I don't know why as it will just get more smoky, however it is such a mess, I fear a wash is the only thing that will sort it out.

That is all.

Byeeeeeeee Luvoooooooo! x x x
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