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Today, has been really good. It started off with a physio sesh avec the awesome sue. We indulged in some ultrasound, and we made a crucial next step in recovery, namely loosing the tape on my leg. It makes me sad, that no longer do I have any cause to call myself a cripple! I then went into school to do basically nothing, apart from talk to dith for about 5 seconds about my media coursework, to find out that the last draft wasnt the last draft, and in fact I have the whole easter holiday to finish.

Then Jawge, Povey and I went to see "I want Candy". This was tres amusement, especially the "jizz" scene, such larks! I also, finally bought my perfume today, as a treat for working so hard all month.

This evening saw,Liz, Gem and I venture to the Legendary Witnesham Village Hall to do the quiz. Some of the random audience participants were utter gayers and argued with me about points. Needless to say, deductions were made, as the quiz-masters decision is final! After this raucous event, we went to the Barley Mow pub and met with Charlie, Alex, Alistair, Jack and PJ for cokes! This was fun, (almost Aldeburgh fun!) and a grand old time was had by all.

I also purchased my Jamie T tickets this eve. It works perfectly as Cat and I will be in Norwich visiting our dear friend Bish Mish. We will just have to sneak Lizzy in somehow!


That is all.

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