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Neon Bible.


I update after what has been a rather cool two weeks. I take ye back to this time last week, when Ellen and I embarked on a trip to Londres (avec Eliz et Daddy man) to see the feeling. The gig was amazement! The Feeling were fantastic, the lead man was very jumpy energetic, and really threw himself into the performance and all that jizz. They had a cool youtube-ness bit at the beginning, and The Fray were supporting. They did their one famous song, and some others. They were good if not a bit samey.

The week then consisted, of school and physio, which was fun!! The best physio was on Friday, when Ellen and I went to Aldeburgh and cycled from there to Thorpness and back. It was soooooooo much fun. We managed to "lash the bikes up good" and alas they didn't fall off. It was one of those evenings when everything goes right. There wasn't even a queue in the fish and chip shop until after we left, which made me say "HA!" in a loud voice, as we sped off in the Corsa. The trip back was most enjoyable with many mini eggs and a can of WD40-such japes. We also encountered a rather strange man in the PACE petrol station. I think he was some sort of inbred, as he looked like he could have quite easily been an extra in Shaun of the Dead. When we returned chez Barham, there was a fire engine in the road. We were all ready for some raging inferno, when in actual fact it was merely a cat stuck up a tree. This was most dissapointing. I also saw most of "Becoming Jane" With the one and Only (Lorna) Povey and Ali. It was an enjoyable film, plenty of Mr Tumness/Lefroy action. Speaking of Povey she left me out of the English team on Friday. Gaaaaah, If only I would have remembered prosodic features. They are my most favourite of all the features!!

I also got my hair cut on Wednesday. Its not dramatically different, but I like it!

That is all!

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