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Go Fram Fish Bar!


I haven't updated for what seems like an age.

So, Half term was ski trip. This was huge fun until I had accident number two. This involved the tearing of my medial ligaments on the blue run. I was skiied down by the mountain rescue people to the cable car, where Mr. Toombs and I gave Austrian children an impromptu Anglias lesson. I was also given a biscuit?! We then got into the ambulance, where I was driven at high speed to the local A&E. It was there I was issued with my now infamous purple crutches. They rock!

The rest of the trip was average, but also cool as I still got to sit at the top of the mountain drinking hot chocolate.

Whilst away, I got my room decorated, its now rather sophisticated, and I can sit at my desk, which means I am writing this entry from my room!

The week after that was pretty mediore, nothing of major excitement.

Until today! Lizzy and I went to the races. There was much banger action and some cute mini stox. I wouldnt mind driving one of those, although I would probably get beaten in the first lap. That whole racing lark is actually more expensive than one originally thought though. And, I smell of petrol which makes me sad.

I also ventured into work today, on the crutches which made me some sort of hero at Debs. They were so proud of me *wells up* I nearly died having to explain to about a million people what happened.



EDIT: After having a lengthy conversation with Shelia, I found out that the skiing injuries were in Saturdays Evening star (Page 11) Whoever wrote it has seriously dumbed it down. Typical of the local rag, which is usually full of insipid rubbish.
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