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Nicky Clarkey

This week has been so far so good.

The weekend was cool. Ellen and I went into town to do shopping. This sort of failed and I only came away with perfume. Ellen bought a bra that looks like P.E shorts. We also went to Halfords for assorted car bits. I fixed Ellen's dodgy headlight and topped up the screenwash. *cough* I think I would make a remarkable mechanic!! That evening we were joined by Annie and B. We all went on a jolly jaunt to the Tuddenham fountain. The food was nice. The conversation, although somewhat odd was hilarious. We SO have to do it again!!

Sunday, Cat and I went to Norwich to see the Bishop. Lots of cool photo's to follow, when I can be bothered to get them off my phone's memory card. They will not dissapoint!

Yesterday we embarked on another trip into the now infamous Town, to help Annie purchase a present for James. She didn't find anything suitible, and my suggestion of a bible wasn't too well received!!

Tomorrow I give blood and get my hair DIED! (I am more nervous about the dying than the old blood donation) I will take photo's of both!!

Luvooooooo x
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